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Three Ways to Manage the Holiday Overindulgence

Soon it will be Halloween. Followed by Thanksgiving. Then lots of holiday parties. And finally, the season will end with a New Year Celebration and some sort of health goal! Food and Drink will be everywhere!

There is a reason why Americans continually get heavier. We overindulge during the holidays and gain anywhere from 2 – 10 pounds. Frequently, that weight is not taken off at the first of the year despite our best efforts. What would it look like if you had a strategy to go to every party or event AND take care of yourself AND minimize the weight gain AND still have fun? Here are three tips to help you through the Holidays.

1) It’s great to see friends and family that we may not have seen in a while. The get-togethers are all about the people - not the food. Go to the party with the intent of really connecting to people. Go beyond the “everything is great” kind of conversation. Making that deep social connection is so good for the soul! The long-term impact of that personal connection will last longer than any amount of food you eat. Remember, it’s not about the food and drink – it’s about the connections. So, find a spot as far away from the food as you can and truly connect!

2) So many yummy food options – oh my! Do your best to stay on track with what you are currently doing. Try to eat off-plan as little as possible. Focus on adding healthier options like vegetables to your plate before the cheese and other less healthy options. Don’t go to a get-together hungry and set some limits like, “I will only go back to the food table twice”. If that means that you “nurse” the food or drink, then do it, nobody’s really paying attention anyway.

3) If you’re not drinking alcohol, then avoid drinks with lots of calories. If you are drinking alcohol, be aware - it will lower your willpower. You may not only drink too much but you are also apt to overeat. Set a limit to the number of drinks you will have or have one drink then one water! That will slow you down.

Maintaining your health is such a great accomplishment any time of the year but especially during the Holiday’s! It’s so much easier to maintain than it is to try and lose those few pounds or get back into shape starting at the New Year. Enjoy the Holidays but also make yourself a priority. Choose healthier options, make it about the connections, and don’t forget to move! These are just a few of the tips that I work with my clients on during the holidays…and frankly, all year long. There will always be a celebration: birthday, wedding, work party, football games, etc. Schedule your complimentary health conversation here:

Lida Johnson, Health Coach, Certified Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer at Head-to-Toe Coaching or 203.260.2880.

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