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5 Tips for Overall Wellness

It's hard to live your life by rules set by someone else! They are easy to break; and then we do, we get into a downward spiral because we think we have failed. What if you followed a blueprint that is yours? What if you followed that blueprint to help improve your health, fitness, and overall sense of well-being?

Close your eyes. Consider what your health would like if you followed principles regarding your health that went beyond the gym or at the salad bar? What if your health is in everything you do? Here are 5 Tips for Overall Wellness.

1. Move – we are designed to move. There is truth to Newton’s First Law of Motion, “A body (object) in motion tends to stay in motion”. It doesn’t mean going to the gym. An active state of being can happen anywhere and everywhere. Walk instead of drive. Use the stairs - not the escalator. Stretch throughout the day. Stand instead of sitting. Get on the ground and play with your kids.

2. It matters what you eat! Eat a lot of processed foods and eventually, you will pay with your health. Keep it simple. Buy most of your food from the outside edges of the grocery store. Real foods are perishable!! When you do eat, eat until you’re satisfied – not until you are stuffed. Put the fork down now and again and pay attention to how you’re feeling.

3. Sleep like it’s your job. A good night's sleep makes everything in your life easier. You make better decisions. You have more energy. You are more present. Prioritize sleep. Target 7 hours.

4. Be human. What? Be YOUR authentic self in everything you do. As humans, we each have unique abilities. Move the way your body wants to. Live to your own standards – not someone else's. I have a set of superpower words that I live by, i.e. exploration, fun, and integrity. What are they for you?

5. Do life with love. Being healthy isn’t about being “hot” or admired by people. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s an essence. It’s how you feel on the inside! Do what interests you. Don’t do something “just” because it’s popular! Your health practices are your character-building exercises – not bodybuilding exercises. Who are you? What defines you? What inspires you?

You are unique and beautiful! “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – World Health Organization. As a certified Nutritionist, I can give you the ins and outs of food but your health is so much more than that. When I work with clients, I look at all aspects of their life!

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