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Health & Wellness Coaching

As a nutritionist with a focus on weight loss, I'll help you fight Pre-Diabetes/Type 2 Diabetes with behavior changes.  Through education and active participation, you will form daily habit changes that are sustainable, lifestyle changes.  Grocery store tours and pantry/refrigerators makeovers available.

Personal Training/ Local Group Track Program

You can be healthy by eating well, but you will not be “fit and healthy” without exercising. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, I will meet you there and walk alongside you. 

Health By The Numbers Quarterly Program

This program based on a CDC-approved, research-proven program with additional education and lifestyle coaching tips to help you lose at least 7% of your body weight and move 150 minutes per week, and create healthy habits.



From group courses to individual instruction, Head-to-Toe offers the programs you need to own your health. See our services below, and then fill out the contact form to take the first step toward being Your. Best. Self.

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Head-to-Toe Brochure

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Health By The Numbers Flyer

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