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From group fitness to individual instruction, Head-to-Toe offers the programs you need to own your health. See the Fitness services below, and then fill out the contact form to take the first step toward being Your. Best. Self.


8-Week Fitness - no equipment

8-Week Fitness - Equipment

6-Week PLUNGE into Fitness

Spring Track Workouts

Sign up for multiple 8-week programs and get a discount.  Or bring a friend and you each get 15% off.         
Did you know Partners are 15% better together!!

Workout with Fit Ball

6-Week PLUNGE into Fitness & Nutrition 



Focus on healthy habits, numbers will improve


Registration includes:

  • 2x / week or 12 personal training sessions (1x per week or program only options are available. 

  • Text and email support

  • Motivation and accountability

  • 1 day (or 2days) on your own program.  In otherwords, you will have a total of three training days 

  • Nutritional guidance (food log, food plan, meal prep guide)


Why join?

  • Lose weight and boost energy

  • Move in a way that supports you

  • Develop good fitness and food habits

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Understand why - build motivation



  • 2x per week personal training $499 - value of $810

  • 1x per week personal training $399 - value of $510

  • Program option only $199 - value $250

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