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From group fitness to individual instruction, Head-to-Toe offers the programs you need to own your health.  Click the REGISTER NOW button to join a program or click the SCHED APPT at the top of the page to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss what's best for YOU. 
Take the first step toward being Your. Best. Self.

8-Week at HOME Fitness  
Spring Track Workouts for ALL Levels



  • 8 weeks starting March 22

  • 6pm ready to run

  • Every week we will be at Coal Ridge Middle School

  • The workout will last one hour

  • Teens or kids that are “independent” welcome

  • Cost is $45

  • Each week we will warmup, walk/jog/run “intervals”, cool down

  • I will need an email and phone number for attendance

  • Payment can be made via Venmo ( or check on the first day


Ready for some fun!  Just bring a smile and I will guide you through the workout. 

Even if you aren't doing the "race", come out and move and have fun with friends

Workout with Fit Ball

6-Week PLUNGE into Fitness & Nutrition 



Focus on healthy habits, numbers will improve

Registration includes:

  • 2x / week or 12 personal training sessions (1x per week or program only options are available. 

  • Text and email support

  • Motivation and accountability

  • 1 day (or 2days) on your own program.  In otherwords, you will have a total of three training days 

  • Nutritional guidance (food log, food plan, meal prep guide)


Why join?

  • Lose weight and boost energy

  • Move in a way that supports you

  • Develop good fitness and food habits

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Understand why - build motivation



  • 2x per week personal training $499 - value of $810

  • 1x per week personal training $399 - value of $510

  • Program option only $199 - value $250

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