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8-week Health Jumpstart
Personalized Program

Do you need a jumpstart to your health? 
Join this 8-week program to get going. 
Topics discussed go beyond just what you eat. 

Focus on healthy habits, numbers will improve

Starting with Sunday night call Feb 13th


Registration includes

  • 8-week program delivered by a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Coach

  • Weekly Group Zoom calls – Focus for the week, group discussion.  Don't worry if you miss it.  Materials will also be sent via email and we can catch up on the topic personally.

  • Handouts: Meal Prep Guide, Healthy Snacking Guide, Personal Mission Statement Guide, How to Set Goals, How to Measure yourself

  • Group accountability via Facebook and text messaging

  • Weekly Physical Challenge

  • Logged food will be reviewed for personal feedback

  • Spot Challenges to keep you on your toes

  • Individual check-in based on specific needs

  • Submit your success story and photos at the end for grand raffle prize

  • Invite a friend – get a lower rate

  • Overall winner* gets $75 back!

  • If you are local, I am happy to weigh you in; otherwise, weigh-ins are based on the honor system since location to this program doesn’t matter.  Weekly weigh-in for accountability is preferred


Why join?

  • Start the journey of changing the trajectory of your health through research-based education

  • Lose weight, improve cholesterol, blood pressure and other metabolic syndromes.

  • Learn strategies for sustaining changes

  • Have as much or as little accountability as you need

  • Individual feedback on how to improve what you are eating from a Certified Nutritionist



* Overall winner is based on highest total % body fat and inches lost.  Must lose at least 5 % of your body weight.  

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