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Three Reasons to Not Avoid Symptoms

I never understood when I heard someone say, “I was fine until I went to see the doctor and then I was told I was very sick!”  I always thought, “How could that be?”  Now that I understand health, habits, and human behavior a bit more, I totally get it.  Sadly, most of us have little nagging symptoms that we either disregard, ignore, or simply think will go away.  This can go on for months, years and even decades!  We may, or may not go to the doctor because we think it’s no big deal.  We say to ourself that we don’t want to be a hypochondriac by going to the doctor every single time you feel somethings not right.  Or maybe worse yet, you do go to the doctor and they say, “you’re fine”.  But if you wait too long to seek help, the illness can be so far advanced it’s not reversible anymore.  Be an advocate for your health!  Here are three reasons to not ignore those symptoms.

First, it’s always much easier to correct or reverse the problem in the early stages.  Let’s say you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  The root cause is likely reversible through diet and movement.  You can nip the progression from Pre-diabetes to Type 2 diabetes in the bud before it’s had the chance to really create roots. 

Secondly, when the symptom is more severe or starts to compound into other noticeable problems that generally means that the root cause is getting bigger or more systemic.  So now you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and the doctor wants to put you on medication. This simply means that it will be harder for you to course correct or to reverse the symptoms.  Now it will require more significant changes and more work, dedication and consistency to resolve the problem.   

And lastly, you know that snowball effect.  What was once little and a hardly moving snowball is building speed and growing rapidly.  The root cause has now rooted itself in your body and has most likely caused other root causes to grow as well.  Sadly, you are now dealing not only with Type 2 diabetes but most likely neuropathy, eye disease and other problems.  Now, it’s going to take more drastic changes and you will have to be really diligent about sticking to a plan. 

I’m not being Ms. Doomsday here.  I’m actually an optimist as I know disease can be reversed or prevented through lifestyle changes.  So, the sooner you catch any symptoms, the easier it is to correct.  Ask a lot of questions of your doctor and if you aren’t happy with what you are hearing, go to another doctor.  Or seek a health alternative like a Nutritionist or Health Coach to change your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits.  Regardless, get that nagging little issue looked at and take a hard look at your lifestyle.    

Lida Johnson, Health Coach at Head-to-Toe Coaching or  203.260.2880.  

Three reasons to Hire a Coach

Hiring a Personal Trainer or a fitness Coach is always “the thing” at the beginning of a new year but there are so many other types of coaches that you can engage with. For example, a business coach, a life coach, a nutritional coach, relationship coaching, etc. In my opinion everyone should have a coach and perhaps even different types of coaches at different times in your life.  As a Health Coach (Nutritional and Personal Training Coach), there are three reasons to hire a coach – accountability, growth, and fast-tracked results.  

I don’t know about you, but my intrinsic motivation waivers daily and even sometimes by the hour.  A coach will hold you accountable.  They will work with you to help you develop a plan with realistic goals and objectives, including deadlines and action steps. Your coach will help you with your “self-sabotage” habits and behaviors to modify your thoughts, actions, and emotions.  Your coach is then someone who provides support, encouragement and motivation while checking in regularly to make sure you staying on track.  A good coach is invested in YOUR success.

Growth will typically happen over time but with a coach that will be accelerated.  Through the art of asking questions, you may uncover opportunities you had not even thought of nor could have potentially by yourself.  This process will reveal additional inspired ideas of HOW you might pursue and achieve your goals. You will discover the inspiration you did not know existed within you.  Growth happens when you get out of your comfort zone which changes your mind set by introduction of a new perspective.  A coach is your cheerleader by providing invaluable, unbiased feedback on your progress.

Lastly, fast-tracked results.  With a coach you have hired someone who’s been there. Because coaches have the experience to get you to where you want to be, they have a clear perspective of what you’re doing and what you shouldn’t be doing.  Hit your goals with the minimum of fuss.  Save time and most likely money even though you’re spending money to hire a coach.  A good coach is going to give you the tools, tips, suggestions and directions you need to address your biggest roadblocks and work past them faster than you would on your own. 

If you feel like you’ve been a hamster on a wheel, running in place, then hiring a coach to help you break out of that tailspin might be the best choice for you.  A coach can help you to leverage the best qualities of YOU, support your goal to live your best life and to be the best version of you.  So, if you want more for yourself and believe you deserve the best, then consider hiring a coach to help you. You can find the right coach by identifying WHAT you want to work on and searching for a coach specializing in that area—for example, a career coach, a life coach, or a Health coach like me. 

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