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Blue Skies

You CAN own your health through a healthy lifestyle

Step 1


Step 2

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Step 3


Be ready to chase your dreams

Ready to make exercise a part of your routine in a way that's empowering?

Movement is naturally a part of your daily routine

Get good sleep so you have energy

Get fit and strong 

Be ready for any type of FUN!

Improve metabolic health

Change your prediabetes/diabetes status

Play with your kids anytime!

Overwhlembed by stress? 

Develop stress strategies

Sleep peacefully

Stop stress eating

Stay calm in chaos

Incorporate systems tools and apps to keep you focused

Make anxiety and stress relief habits a daily routine 

Don't miss those daily workouts

Done with diets and worrying about food?

Eat to fuel your body

Stop emotionally eating

Lose weight without counting calories

Reduce pain and inflammation in your body

Develop strategies for dealing with stress

Change your prediabetes/diabetes status

Healthy choices become a daily habit

Ready to prevent/reverse disease?

Fall asleep and staying asleep to restore the body

Conquer or reverse pre-diabetes Type II.  

Stop stress eating

Reduce inflammation

Boost your immune system

Improve blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose (A1C) 

Through education, know the foods that reverse disease

You will be empowered to change the trajectory of your health through a holistic approach to wellness that does not rely on willpower.  Gain skills, systems, and daily habits for a sustainable, transformational lifestyle.  
Hi, I'm Lida. 
As a Certified Health Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Coach, I've got you covered from head to toe. 

Through my own journey, I know changing your health is hard and confusing.  Let me help you through action and engagement transform your health. 
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