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Blue Skies

You CAN own your health through a healthy lifestyle

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Chase your dreams

Ready to make exercise a part of your routine in a way that's empowering?

- Movement is naturally a part of your daily routine

- Get good sleep so you have energy

- Get fit and strong 

- Be ready for any type of FUN!

- Improve metabolic health

- Change your prediabetes/diabetes status

- Play with your kids anytime!

Done with diets and worrying about food?

- Eat to fuel your body

- Stop emotionally eating

- Lose weight without counting calories

- Reduce pain and inflammation in your body

- Develop strategies for dealing with stress

- Change your prediabetes/diabetes status

- Healthy choices become a daily habit

Overwhlembed by stress? 

- Develop stress strategies

- Sleep deeply and wake fully rested

- Stop stress eating

- Stay calm in chaos

- Incorporate systems tools and apps to keep you focused

- Make anxiety and stress relief habits a daily routine 

- Don't miss those daily workouts

Ready to prevent/reverse disease?

- Fall asleep and staying asleep to restore the body

- Conquer or reverse pre-diabetes Type II.  

- Stop stress eating

- Reduce inflammation

- Boost your immune system

- Improve blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose (A1C) 

- Through education, know the foods that reverse disease

You will be empowered to change the trajectory of your health through a holistic approach to wellness that does not rely on willpower.  Gain skills, systems, and daily habits for a sustainable, transformational lifestyle.  
Hi, I'm Lida. 
As a Certified Health Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Coach, I've got you covered from head to toe. 

Through my own personal journey, I know changing your health is hard and confusing.  Let me help you through action and engagement transform your health. 
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